Peaceful Protests Turn to Conflict in the Middle East

01uprising-articleLargePeace protests are designed not only to encourage peace either at home or abroad, but they’re designed to remain peaceful in an of themselves. After all, how can a protest for peace possibly be effective if its participants don’t observe a great deal of peace and calm on their own? That’s exactly what Palestinian protestors have been doing in Israel for quite some time, but the Israeli army has recently decided that their own observation of peace has come to an end.

Attacks Against Peace Protestors Escalate in Israel

In recent day, Israeli armed forces have stepped up their attacks against a protesters who are encouraging peace between both the Israeli and Palestinian groups, another in a long line of political conflicts and statements made between these two warring groups over the past 70 years. If the attacks are any sign, Israel is in no mood for peace and their goal is not to let any demonstration get in the way of what they deem a disaster for national security, unity, and political progress.

A Startling Precedent in a Time of Encouraged Negotiation

World leaders have made Israeli peace a part of their political platform for decades, especially in the United States. Israel’s decision to forego any kind of peaceful demonstration against its own actions, and against the conflict between Palestinians, is a dangerous precedent. Peaceful protest is a hallmark of true democratic governments and liberal states.

Without the encouragement of a peaceful protest, and the understanding that Israel won’t tolerate anything of the sort, Palestinian leaders, armed forces, and individuals, may simply walk away from the table. Any such action would be major loss in the region.