Peace Protests in the United States are Increasingly Related to Race and Gun Violence

In the seven months that have elapsed since the horrific elementary school mass shooting in the United States, protests for peace have turned their focus away from international issues and toward conflict on the domestic front. Protests in favour of NRA background checks, for instance, took place in numerous cities across the country while the law was pending in the United States Congress. Those protests turned to political organising wen the law failed to pass.

A recent court case against George Zimmerman, accused of shooting and killing a black youth against the wishes of police and without a justifiable cause, have only furthered American action in protests around the nation.

Los Angeles to Boston and Beyond: The Protests for a More Peaceful America

Peaceful protests occurred almost immediately after the jury in the George Zimmerman trial read their “not guilty” verdict. The verdict, which was then broadcast on virtually every major network and cable news channel, made its way around the country in a matter of moments. Those who felt the verdict was an outrage quickly began organising as a way to protest the law, as a way to protest gun culture, and as a way to use peaceful protest to eliminate future conflict.

From New York to the west coast, protests were largely peaceful and resulted in minimal arrests. They also resulted in a potential civil case, filed by the Obama administration, which would potentially challenge the law that allowed George Zimmerman to be found not guilty. In the world of peaceful protests that seek to end conflict, that’s a major victory and one to be celebrated in America.