NSS Summit The Netherlands

NSS Logo 430x235_tcm174-355840In March this year, International political leaders met up in The Hague, The Netherlands to discuss nuclear security around the world. The goal of the summit was to make the world a safer place and the 58 leaders who met here made concrete agreements to prevent terrorist from getting their hands on nuclear material to increase this goal. The NSS 2014 represents a major steps forward, and is a fitting conclusion, made at previous NSS summits on Washington (2010) and Seoul (2012)

New Agreements

The agreements that were made at this summit are based on agreements that were made in previous summits. The goal is to build on these agreements as progress has been good in the last 4 years. The established agreements read as follows: to reduce the amount of dangerous nuclear material in the world that terrorists could use to make a nuclear weapon (highly enriched uranium and plutonium); to improve the security of radioactive material (including low-enriched uranium) that can be used to make a ‘dirty bomb’; and lastly to improve the international exchange of information and international cooperation.


Another summit has been planned in 2016 to be hosted by the United States. Mark Ruttethe Dutch Prime Minister had high hopes for the future. He believes that this year’s summit has been the greatest success so far and hopes that future summits can further build on the agreements and conclusions that were made in this summit. Barack Obama was also positive. As being the spark behind the idea of the nuclear summits, Obama stated “I convened the first Nuclear Security Summit in Washington four years ago because I believed that we need a serious and sustained global effort to deal with one of the greatest threats to international security… And under your Prime Minister’s stewardship, we’ve built on that progress here.”