For G8 Protesters, a Turn to Peaceful Protest in Search of Peaceful Policies

The G8 has become one of the largest targets for protest, no matter where the gathering happens to occur. Whether it’s in Europe, the United States or elsewhere, protestors manage to find a reason to gather, a cause to celebrate, and a method of getting their message to world leaders. All too often, that process has involved a great deal of violence. In Belfast, though, protests leading up to the G8 were far more peaceful than in years past and the cause in question focused on eliminating class-based economic strife.

Taxes and Conflict: How the G8 Protestors Turned Money into War

The Belfast G8 protests this year took a turn toward what might be considered a more rational way to protest. Those engaged in protesting gathered together, remained peaceful, and called for an end to a society that has enriched top earners while engaging in a broader “class war” against those who earn just a fraction of the top income level worldwide.


Driven by recent economic uncertainty and a push for better fiscal policies, the protests were smaller, but more effective. It’s a turn toward peaceful protesting that might actually produce results. After all, even political leaders are more likely to listen to criticism when it’s presented by calm, cool, and collected protesters who are willing to engage with the process.

A Turn for the Better and a Victory for Peaceful Protest

The fears that all G8 summits will be dogged by violence in the streets, and civil unrest throughout the host city, might be subsiding in Belfast. That bodes well for future generations, future protests, and even the future of the G8 itself.